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    The Flowing Waters Partnership is an innovative program for water users and providers to give back to their local rivers by supporting the Colorado Water Trust.

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    In our 15-year history, the Colorado Water Trust has put 27 flow restoration projects on the ground, returning 6.5 billion gallons of water to Colorado's rivers.

    The Roaring Fork River that runs through the City of Aspen, nearly dries up every summer. Learn how the Colorado Water Trust and its partners are boosting flows.


A Price for the Priceless

"...And yet, examples abound of Colorado water law flexing to accommodate changing state priorities. The nonprofit Colorado Water Trust and the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB)—the only entity in the state that can hold an instream flow water right—are now seeking water court approval for the state’s first permanent “split-season” water right on the Little Cimarron River in Gunnison County. The right, acquired by the Colorado Water Trust, will permit the same water to be used for agricultural irrigation in the early summer and then for instream flows that benefit fish in the fall..."


Excerpt from the 2016 Summer edition of Headwaters Magazine

Can My Water Help?

Can My Water Help?

Are you a water user wondering how you might use your water rights to restore flows in your local streams? You’ve come to the right place.

The Colorado Water Trust team works with willing water users to improve streamflows in water-short streams. 


The Water Trust has helped to restore approximately 7,140,659,837 gallons of water (21,914 acre-feet) to 314 miles of streams and rivers in Colorado.

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