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Strategic Plan

In 2010 and 2011, after almost a decade of work, the CWT Board and staff conducted an organizational assessment followed by a strategic planning process.  The organizational assessment allowed us to see more clearly where we had been, and the subsequent strategic plan laid out where we were going.  The message was clear.  Many water interested people across Colorado wanted to see us put bigger projects on the ground more quickly.  Everyone at CWT was thrilled to rise to the charge.  The resulting strategic plan is a short document that truly guides our work. 

Our strategic plan begins with a ten-year goal.  With consideration for statewide water needs, we will restore streams and complete visible streamflow restoration projects thereby improving the way instream flows are supported and regarded in Colorado. 

In service to our goal, the strategic plan proceeds with a three-year blueprint.

  • The plan demands that we tackle projects large and small with obvious flow improvements. 
  • We will continue to use all of the tools available to us while developing new streamflow restoration tools when necessary. 
  • We will continue to provide technical assistance to the land trust community as they navigate water issues that arise in their land conservation efforts.
  • Through our work, we will increase awareness and support of instream flows.


Since creating the strategic plan, our team has grown to meet demand for our services. Together, in September 2012, we revisited our strategic plan, and we found that, after more than a year, it was as relevant as it was when it was created.  We have started checking off tasks, and we believe we are on the right path to achieving our ten-year goal.  Our team is assembled, experienced, and dedicated to restoring and protecting flows in Colorado’s rivers and streams.