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Roaring Fork River upstream of Wheeler Ditch in Aspen, Colorado Roaring Fork River upstream of Wheeler Ditch in Aspen, Colorado

For more than 10 years, the Colorado Water Trust has been hard at work, putting water back in streams and rivers across Colorado. We employ innovative, voluntary, market-based solutions to restore streamflows and sustain healthy aquatic ecosystems in some of the most beautiful waterways where many of us recreate.

We have many more collaborative and creative projects in the pipeline for 2015 – but we can’t do it without your help! Please support our work by giving as generously as you can by December 31st. We continue to evaluate our work in relation to our strategic plan to ensure that our approach remains thoughtful, timely and impactful. Our goals include:

  • Putting more projects on the ground across the state each year,
  • Elevating recognition of the Colorado Water Trust through strategic, timely communications and strong partner relationships, and
  • Building our capacity through the expertise of our team, increasing the tools available to us, and growing our funding sources.

Please DONATE NOW to help us buy more water for fish in 2015 with a generous gift of $100 or more! Thank you for supporting Colorado Water Trust.