Where’s Our Water?

The Water Trust team is committed to completing projects that put real water back in rivers and streams across Colorado. To help share our project data, we created a data-driven dashboard to display how much water is going where at any given time. This dashboard will update daily.

A quick tutorial – to interact with the dashboard, simply hover over a point on the map or hover over a point on the bar chart to learn more about a particular project. If you select a project on the left, it will be highlighted on both the map and the bar chart. You can make use of the filters on the right side of the dashboard and filter projects by permanence, project type, water division, or project name. Use the slider in between the map and the bar chart to filter by date. Explore the dashboard and learn more about how and where the Water Trust’s projects are implemented. If you’d like the full story behind each project, either click on a project below and follow the link, or navigate to our Project Stories page to learn more.

*Use the full screen option to the bottom right of the dashboard for a more immersive experience!

**To reset the dashboard, use the ‘Reset’ button on the bottom left of the dashboard