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18 November 2014

Wanted: Communications Intern Spring 2015

The Colorado Water Trust is seeking a part-time (6-10 hours/week), unpaid Communications Intern for the spring 2015 semester to assist with the production, maintenance and distribution of our online, print and in-person materials. We're ...

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City of Aspen Gives the Roaring Fork Another Boost

For the second year in a row, the City of Aspen has voluntarily closed the headgate of the City-owned Wheeler Ditch in an effort to improve flows in the Roaring Fork River.  Flows in the river dropped below 32 cubic feet per second ...

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West-Slope Colorado Towns Restore Local Flows

Water Currents

West-Slope Colorado Towns Restore Local Flows, Even as Thirsty Front-Range Lawns Drink From their Rivers

When residents in Denver, Colorado Springs and other cities on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains turn on their sprinklers to irrigate ...

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Aspen agrees to leave more water in the Fork

Aspen Journalism

In an effort to improve the aquatic environment of the Roaring Fork River as it flows through central Aspen, the city of Aspen has agreed to leave 2 to 3 cubic feet per second (cfs) of water in the river during low-flow periods this summer ...

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