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Colorado Water Trust Welcomes a New Board President

The Colorado Water Trust Board and Staff are honored to announce that Lee Rozaklis has become our new Board President. Of course, the end of Michael Browning's tenure as CWT Board President is bittersweet. We are eternally grateful for his ...

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The Colorado Water Year

Why does the Colorado Water Year begin on October 1st?  This explanation, crafted in 1985 by Nolan Doesken and Thomas McKee, is still as relevant as ever:

“In Colorado, the Water Year (October 1 through September 30) is the ...

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Davis to head CPW water unit

8/2/2013 Division of Wildlife

Davis to head CPW Water Unit

DENVER - Colorado water expert Alex Davis is returning to public service as the head of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife water unit. Davis, one of Colorado's ...

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