Welcome to the Water Trust blog!


May 2, 2017

By Amy Beatie, Executive Director, Colorado Water Trust

First things first, welcome to our new blog! We've wanted to do this for a long time and here it is. As we’ve been thinking about new goals and new projects this year, we knew we wanted to find a way to tell our story better and to give people new tools and resources to learn about our work. Guess what … we found it, pretty much right under our noses.  So, the first thing we did was to refresh our website to highlight these new tools. 

Here on our new website you’ll find …

Information.  Want to see the results of our work? Under the “Impact” tab on the main navigation bar of our website, go to the page “Where’s Our Water?” to see a real-time database in a user-friendly dashboard.  You’ll see how much water has been returned to rivers, when, and where.  It’s super exciting!  We’re also in love with our new story maps, which we can use to easily tell people about each of our projects, with full maps, non-jargony (Amen!) text, and images. Read and share!

News.  Change is coming, and we want you to know about it when it happens. This blog is one of the ways we can share news, and also to highlight some of the outstanding work being done by our partners.  You’ll see emails from us, and you can also follow us online through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Plenty of options!  But if you’re not connected, you’ll be out of the loop.  Now how sad is that?

Events.  Our calendar is busy, but it’s because we’re working to keep Colorado’s rivers healthy.  We’ve hosted film screenings of the historical documentary, The Great Divide, to help people learn about water in Colorado, had a private concert for our friends and supporters, and took supporters fly fishing on a gorgeous ranch in northwest Colorado.  With our incredible friends and Flowing Waters Partners, Good River Beer, we’re co-hosting the launch of 2% for Rivers, a new non-profit that will put more funds back into rivers.  Our annual fundraising event, RiverBank, will be at the Denver Botanic Gardens on June 14th.  These events are for you, and we want to see you there!

New Friends.  Our list of supporters is growing rapidly.  By example, did you know that Denver-based Avanti Food & Beverage generously donated $.50 to the Water Trust for every Good River Beer they sold last year, and they are doing it again this year with Upslope beer?  Did you know we’re members of 1% for the Planet, too?  We’re constantly meeting new people and groups who support our work, and again, we want you to know about them. These groups help us meet our goals to restore flows to Colorado’s rivers, and we can’t do our work without people like them.

So, you’ll keep in touch, right? We’ll see you at an upcoming event or on a river somewhere soon? Say YES!  We’ll look forward to working more with you this year, and for years to come.